Yes, penile implants are commonly utilised to treat impotence caused by diabetes or hardening arteries. There are two basic types of implants: inflatable and flexible rod implants. Flexible rods produce a permanently firm penis while inflatable rods produce a controllable, natural erection.

Massive weight loss often leaves the stretched skin envelope in loose folds all over the body. This requires a number of different operations to re-drape the skin & remove the excess resulting in a slim & more attractive body. These operations will include Abdominoplasty, various body lifts, Brachioplasty (for tuck shop arms), Thigh lifts & breast lifting.

Because of the number of operations & because the quality of the tissues is diminished the operation combinations should be kept to a minimum at each sitting. Complications both metabolic & wound problems are 10 times more common with this kind of surgery than is the case with other types of cosmetic surgery. Therefore it is best to keep the operating time for combined procedures to no more than 4 or 5 hours. A personalized therapeutic operation series can be carefully planned for each individual at a consultation.